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Looking through school projects; cringing. This would be froooom… 2010? Back when I thought I could be good at painting someday. It was an open project based around the word “CHANGE”.

I can’t tell if this is salvageably cool or inconsolably dumb, but hell yeah I still want it to be a real service.

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because nothing says christmas like your soulmate dying of radiation poisoning giving you one last goodbye kiss through the glass while your knees crumple under the weight of your sorrow, the upcoming 2015 wrath of khan hallmark christmas ornament is a must have!

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The conclusion to the Windblade mini-series is out today!! And Starscream is pissed! X) 

Thank you everyone - fans, IDW, mscottwrites - for the thrilling ride. It was such an honor to do this series and an experience I will never forget. Thanks Mairghread for making me fall in love with new characters and letting me draw so much of this flying dorito. Thanks John Barber for taking a chance with me and giving me this opportunity. Thank you FANS for embracing the series and showering me with gifts any time I crawl away from my desk to a convention. You have all touched me and I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am. 

But this is not the end! I am guesting on Robots In Disguise #33, and Windblade is destined to return in 2015, so keep a look out for me. ;)